Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Thank you for checking out my new blog. Over the coming weeks I’ll be using this site to review and discuss my latest literary finds; offer helpful writing advice, tips, and exercises; present ideas for keeping your artistic inspiration flowing; and most of all, to keep you up-to-date with what’s happening at Dava Books.

Dava Books is the publishing company I started in 1995 with my how-to-write book, The Essential Guide for New Writers, from Idea to Finished Manuscript. Still in print, the book is based on my series of classes I taught through the continuing education department of University of West Georgia as well as other venues, including the summer conference of the International Women’s Writing Guild and the master’s professional writing program at Kennesaw State University.

Now that we’ve relocated to Albuquerque, New Mexico, Dava Books is expanding to include fiction and nonfiction for both adults and young readers along with poetry and even screenplay. The first title on the list for 2009 is The Great Scarab Scam, a mystery set in Egypt for middle grade readers.

In the meantime, keep checking in for new posts on all the latest from Dava Books.

Tip of the Day: Just start writing—the rest will take care of itself!


charlotte fairchild said...

I am the first commenter! I have your book!

It was great being in a writing group with you, and it certainly fell apart when you moved! But everyone kept in touch, so that is a good plus.

I look forward to reading your next 20 books!

runliarun said...

Valerie, this is so awesome. Good luck, since we all need a bit of that, but I am certain your cyber universe will be a good place for art and us.

leelee said...

Looking forward to participating in your blog, Valerie!

You've been a tremendous influence on my life and my writing! I am hoping this will be a group experience that will be a success for both of us!

Congratulations on this newest venture! Lee Ann

charlotte fairchild said...

I am running behind, but thinking about where I am going with the plot will get me on track. I am writing more about the issue of the book--the job she carries. Oh, the joys of editing are coming up! I am past 25,000 words. I can still finish the rough draft this month.