Thursday, April 1, 2010

12 Reasons to Try Script Frenzy

Today marks the start of Script Frenzy, another 30 days of nonstop writing fun and madness, only this time the emphasis is on screenwriting. Unlike National Novel Writing Month (the inspiration behind Script Frenzy) and its required 50,000 words to "win," Script Frenzy asks only that you write 100 pages of movie, television, or theater script.

This is my second year of going for 100. My first year was also the year Script Frenzy launched and back then it was held in July. Regardless of the season, I loved meeting with my writing buddies and staying up late as I drank one ice coffee after the other and plowed through my first attempt at romantic comedy, a genre I had never tried before. This year I'm looking forward to much of the same except this time I'm writing a suspense-drama with the working title, "Day Moon." I'm also a lot more prepared than I was several years ago. Besides having already made my story boards to illustrate the various scenes I want to write, I've also got an outline and some character bios pre-written to help keep me on track. So I'm ready to go--all that's missing is you! Here are my 12 top reasons of why I think you should join me for one of the best writing months you'll ever have:

  1. This is your big opportunity to write that screenplay you've always had in the back of your mind--whether it's adapting your latest novel or fleshing out an idea you've had since 12th grade.
  2. Even if you have no interest in screenwriting, this is a chance to re-envision your WIP and give it an entirely new twist.
  3. Script writing can give you a brand new perspective on what Beginning, Middle, and End really means when you write strictly to a 3-act structure.
  4. Scripts teach you to write tight. Screenwriting is lean.
  5. Your WIP can benefit from a visual storyboard and outline.
  6. S-T-R-E-T-C-H! Trying a new genre or form builds creativity muscles.
  7. You might discover a whole new interest and talent you never knew you had. One you absolutely love.
  8. And you might even be able to take that talent to the bank. Sure it can seem difficult to catch an agent or producer at first, but you can't sell what you haven't written. "Luck" awaits those with product.
  9. No matter what you write--good, bad, or indifferent--there's nothing quite like being part of a world-wide writer's group of 16,000+. And you can have all the ice coffee you want.
  10. You only have to write 3.33 pages a day for 30 days. 3.33 pages with lots of blank space on them!
  11. Get new respect from your peers. For the entire month of April you can tell everyone you're a screenwriter.
  12. At the end of the month you can consider yourself a success. You can be proud to have another full draft under your writing belt. Hurray for you!
Tip of the Day: What are you waiting for? It's not too late; sign up for Script Frenzy today.

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Kev said...

Great post and good advice. I've signed up for Script Frenzy too, although I haven't written anything creative since I was at school. Managed 8 pages of script on my first sitting - it was the scene that has been playing in my head for days since I signed up. Anyway, good luck with your writing, All the best, Kev