Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Essential Guide for New Writers, From Idea to Finished Manuscript

Back to School Special:  My how-to book on writing, The Essential Guide for New Writers, From Idea to Finished Manuscript is now on super sale!  Instead of $10.95, I've dropped the price to $5.95 plus FREE US shipping and handling, but only if you order direct from my website, http://www.valeriestorey.com/.

 I wrote the book primarily for my workshops when a student asked if I had a book of my own to go with the course.  It was at the end of one of my summer sessions, a hot Georgia night with a thunderstorm on the horizon.  I was a little surprised by the question because I always provide workshop participants with loads of notes and photocopied handouts, as well as a thorough bibliography of other writers' how-to books.  But there was something about the idea that intrigued me.  Thinking on my feet, I found myself saying:  "No book yet, but there will be.  Soon."  A few months later I went on to write and publish the book, and have used it in hundreds of workshops.  One chapter, "Creative Conflict," even went on to be sold and reprinted in a textbook on video production.

The Essential Guide for New Writers is a book close to my heart.  In many ways it could also be subtitled, "Notes to Me About Writing" and it's chock-full of everything I consider important to make your writing dreams come true, e.g., streamlined plot and characterization techniques; end-of-chapter writing exercises;  easy synopsis and query letters tricks.  

The Essential Guide for New Writers is a book for all writers, no matter your level of expertise.  If you're just starting out, the book will help you get past those first-draft jitters and well on your way to having a finished, polished manuscript that's submission-ready.  And if you're a writer with a few years of sales and experience behind you, there's nothing like sitting down with "beginner's mind" to refresh and charge up your creative batteries.  As I like to tell my students, every time you start a new piece of writing, you're a new writer.  The day you think you know it all could very well be the day you need to change careers.

Tip of the Day:  Get your copy now while the sale lasts.  Remember, this offer is only available through my website, http://www.valeriestorey.com/ and nowhere else.  Happy writing!

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