Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Commonplace Book of My Own

Hello, everyone!  The last couple of weeks have been hectic for Dava Books.  Preparing Overtaken for a September 30 publication date is both nerve wracking and an occasion for celebration. 

After umpteen months of writing, editing, and endless rewriting, it's going to feel very odd to not have the Overtaken manuscript in my life anymore.  Every time I finish and release a book I go through a mini-version of empty-nest syndrome; a good reason to have a fun project ready and waiting to fill the void.  This time it's going to be starting my commonplace book, as well as doodling on some screenplay ideas. 

Over the weekend I used my store credit at a local indie bookstore, Page One, to buy this luscious journal for my first attempt at commonplacing.  I think it's the perfect choice:  a magnetic fold-over closure to keep the pages tidy; slim enough to fit in a tote or large handbag; a full-size cardboard pocket fitted to the inside back cover for slipping in cards and gallery notes; smooth, creamy, top quality paper.  It also just looks so inspiring.  The cover's old-world patina already has an antique feel that makes me think of magic, mysteries, and museums.  I can't wait to start filling it up!

On the inside:

However, as lovely as this journal is to me, I'm being strict with myself and refusing to even write a single line until Overtaken is in print.  I shouldn't even have taken these pics!  I've got a zillion things to do today, finalizing the Overtaken trailer amongst them, but I couldn't resist the chance to share my dreams with you.  Because isn't dreaming what it's all about anyway?

Tip of the Day:  Whatever creative project you're working on right now, be sure to reward yourself along the way for a job well done.  Don't just wait for the "end" to celebrate.  Reaching your weekly page goal quota, filling up a sketchbook, or writing "morning pages" for a month can all be reasons to treat yourself to something nice.  In the meantime, wishing you all a happy and creative day!

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