Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Stay Creative Every Day Tip #4: Dress Nice, Eat Well

Happy 2012, everyone! I hope you all had a brilliant holiday season and are now ready to greet a new year of creative joy.  Today's tip from my free PDF on how to "Stay Creative Every Day" at Live on the Edge is something that I tend to let slide too often and want to improve upon this year:

Tip #4:  Pay attention to how you dress and what you eat.  Make an effort to wear “good clothes” that you love, and give up things like fast food.  Make your own food whenever possible.  Cooking is a creative art. 

As with any creative endeavor, the way we dress and the way we eat is all about choices.  For instance, I'm a vegetarian for many reasons, but one of them is to counter all the hours I spend sitting in front of my computer screen or my drawing table.  I know as a fact that when I've eaten too much or too heavily, I'm just not comfortable writing or painting.  I'm too sleepy, too full, too blah feeling.  A diet that includes meat just increases that feeling.

Another law of nature for me revolves around what I call my "yard clothes."  You know, those things we wear to potter around in on weekends.   My problem is I then wear these clothes to the grocery store or library, telling myself "no one will see me."  However, without fail, the older and more hideous the outfit I've chosen to wear, the greater my chances are of running into important people who also just happen to look like they stepped from the pages of Vogue.  You'd think I'd learn by now, but it took a serious near-miss this past summer to drive the lesson home (I escaped without being seen by running out the door when I saw the "important person."  My heart was pounding, I can tell you.) 

So here are my top reasons to unleash your inner fashion diva:

1.  Writers can be shy and introverted.  Dressing smartly can help you be more confident--especially for those grocery-store run-ins. 

2.  Dressing well makes you feel more professional, almost like putting on a costume.  Even if it's just one extra item:  good shoes, or a new sweater, you'll feel more serious about yourself and your work. 

3.   Just like your "good art supplies or writing tools," we all have things in our closets we love, but think we're not supposed to wear except for special occasions.  Guess what?  Today is a special occasion.  Make every day a celebration--and before your favorite outfit is so hopelessly out of style you wouldn't be seen dead in it anyway. 

4.  It's fun to put together nice outfits, especially with jewelry and accessories.  Hats, scarves, gloves--they add color and creativity to your life. Dressing well--and differently--may be a way to break out of routine and habit.  Step out of the mold--express yourself! 

5.  You can inspire others to have more fun too--many people hold writers and artists as people to emulate.  If they see you enjoying your wardrobe and food choices, they might consider that as "permission" to do the same. 

Tip of the Day:  Fashion posts are fun to read and can give you ideas not just for yourself, but for your characters' wardrobes too--especially when you're writing about another generation or culture.  And in case my male blog readers are thinking, "Whoa--no way am I reading a fashion blog!" let me just say if you're writing about female characters, they'll need some fashionable wardrobes!  "Fashion blog" is a good search term to try.  To get you started, here's a sampling of some great sites I've recently discoveredTess Dress, Keiko Lynn, Diary of a Vintage Girl.

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