Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Published! Overtaken

At last!  It's here!  I'm happy to finally announce that Overtaken is now in print, with a Kindle version soon to follow.  At the same time, I want to thank everyone of you for reading my blog, buying my books, and supporting me along the way with your helpful comments, Tweets, Facebook "Hello's" and all the other great social network sites we share.  You are as much a part of my writing journey as my Alphasmart and favorite fountain pens!  What would I do without you?

Although the book is for sale at Amazon.com, my "Look Inside the Book" feature isn't activated yet, but if you'd like to read the quick book description, it is: 

"Marry in haste, repent at leisure." Portrait painter Sara Elliott has never been afraid of risk. Moving to London, pawning her jewelry, taking difficult commissions, Sara lives life on the edge. But when she agrees to marry a stranger days before he is scheduled to leave the country, even Sara wonders if she has gone too far. Over the coming months, alone and uncertain of her future, Sara drifts into an uneasy routine waiting for her husband, Miles, to return. When an unexpected letter suddenly threatens her plans for a settled existence, Sara is forced to question everything she thought she once knew about Miles, her present situation, and her own mysterious past. Caught between her imagination and her desire for the truth, Sara worries she is losing her mind, or worse: has she been OVERTAKEN by a power beyond her control?

And here's the trailer--popcorn time!

Whew.  Looking back over the past year and more, Overtaken seems like one of the longest writing journeys I've ever traveled.  Some days I felt not only "overtaken" myself, but I also feared that I would never, ever reach the finishing line.  When I did get there, though, it was more than a relief, it was an epiphany.  I realized how very much I loved writing and all the many steps that go into making a book--even the frustrating, discouraging potholes and seeming deadends.  Sometimes I think those "bad days" have the most to offer as the best and most genuine learning-the-craft moments.  And it's still not over--the next and biggest step it to get the word out about the book so readers can start reading it.  So tell a friend!  Thanks again for being there for me--I appreciate it.

Tip of the Day:  The best way to stay on course with a WIP and see it through from idea to published manuscript is to absolutely love your characters, believe in your theme and core story, and most of all, believe in yourself.  And stay in touch with your writing buddies--they're some of the best friends you'll ever have.


rosie jeanne mere said...

Congratulations! I love the trailer and will try to put it on my website.
You have inspired me with my book which is galloping along now and I am devoting my days to getting it finally finished.
Also using your book with one to one writing clients - works so well.

Charlotte Fairchild said...

I am going to enjoy reading your book! Gothic novels are so fun!
I hope no one tells you about Pinterest! I think it happens to be addicting!

Kath said...

Happy New Book to you, lovely lady!!!

I'm very excited to hear that Overtaken is available and going by the trailer, it's going to be a great read. I'm so looking forward to reading it. I know it's given you a difficult time of it but I'm sure it'll be fabulous and well worth all the headaches it caused.

SherryE said...

Congratulations on your new book! I'll have to check it out.

LadyD said...

Congratulations! What wonderful news!

Charlene Ann Baumbich said...

Sorry I missed your release announcements. CONGRATULATIONS! The trailer is terrific. Storyline sounds intriguing--all things we readers want. YAY!