Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Pinterest for Writers: 12 Ideas

My big treat to myself over the holidays was to join (at last) After several months debating if I could afford the extra time to play amongst the pins, I finally decided I couldn't afford to NOT be there.

Although I'm still a total newcomer to the site (  and still figuring my way around, I'm already convinced Pinterest is a super-helpful place for writers. Whether it's about telling your personal story visually--any story, i.e., your sense of fashion style, where you went last summer, how much you love kittens, or just explaining what your next book is about, Pinterest is a serious way to deliver your message.

I must say that at first I was intimidated by all the zillions of pictures, and I did have some trouble seeing where I could fit into the mix. But that was last week. Now I can't stop coming up with ideas for "boards": the categorized pages where you actually put up your various pictures. Repinning from other people's boards has been a great way to get started, but I can also see how much fun it must be to find original pins to add to your own boards. (Hope this doesn't sound too confusing to non-Pinterest users--but stick with it--if I can do it, you can too!)

Right now I'm concentrating on creating boards that fit in with writing, and so far I've come up with 12 ways I hope to use this creative network. I haven't made all of these boards yet, but it's nice to plan for the future! Anyway, my first choices are:
  1. A board just for my various book covers.
  2. A board per book.
  3. A board for my book trailers.
  4. My favorite books, especially those that have influenced my writing.
  5. Writing prompts--quotes.
  6. Writing prompts--pictures.
  7. Writing encouragement and inspiration.
  8. A board per work-in-progress.
  9. Favorite pieces of artwork I'd love to use in a book cover or trailer.
  10. What I'm currently reading.
  11. Literary "shrines" and famous writers I love.
  12. Favorite creative supplies: pens, journals, sketchbooks, art goodies too.
Of course I'm sure I'll come up with more than 12 ideas as I become more familiar with the site, but I think this is plenty to keep anyone happy for a while. I think one of the elements I like best is being able to pin up a "secret" board that only I can see before I'm ready to release it to the world. I did this for the Overtaken board, and I have a couple of others hidden away at the moment. Oh, dear. Addicted already. (You didn't read that.)

Tip of the Day: If you're not already a member, do consider joining, or at least visiting, I think you'll find plenty of inspiration, even if you just use it to pin images to jump-start your daily freewriting. If you do decide to join, please be sure to follow me--I follow back! Happy pinning!

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